olivia ebert  /  26  /  adelaide
artist  /  interior designer

my style has changed since i first started painting,  as a hobby several years ago. i began painting on commission with a very particular pop art inspired style, mostly portraits, using black, white and grey tones with only hints of colour. i have always had a creative mind & my passion for design, art & drawing led me to my pursue my career as a full time interior designer & part time artist. 

colour is a constant in our lives & we summarise ourselves with colour in our appearance & our homes. we are all affected by certain hues; it has immediate impact, influencing our moods & reactions. colour corresponds, communicates & links us with its vast & visual unspoken language. my life & work consists of colour, design & creativity, & it is through this that inspires & drives my work. i draw inspiration from my travels, the city scape, nature, fashion & textiles, architecture & buildings. 

my pieces articulate abstract thought from my soul into life on canvas, using vibrant & sensual colours with texture. often my works are spontaneous & appear unstructured, but i like how the unconstrained outcome surprises me. i am a perfectionistic person, but i have learnt there is beauty & a sense of order in experimentation with paint. my works are originals & cannot be replicated. they are simply a fragment of a mood & an expression of the place i am in at the time. 

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2017 / eye consultants SA, 277 melbourne street, north adelaide / oct-dec

2016 / 'sunday/monday' (SOLD OUT) / SALA festival aug 1-31, 2016 / etienne / 136 unley road unley, south australia / etienne.com.au

2015 / loreto spring art exhibition / 11 - 13 september

2015 / abbode interiors, 49-51 magill rd, stepney / www.abbode.com.au

2014-15 / the gallery on waymouth / 30 waymouth street, adelaide / www.galleryadelaide.com.au

2014 / ‘reality in fragments’, / unisa, city west / november

2014 / ‘liv in colour’, (debut exhibition) SALA festival / etienne, 136 unley road, unley / august-september


for enquiries / possible commissions please contact me_
0423 518 760